Privacy Policy

Due to our policy, we respect your privacy and your Personal Data or information you may provide to us. For that reason, this privacy policy was created in order for you to understand how your Personal Data is gathered, used, protected, disclosed and overall used.

Your Personal Data are needed to be collected and used only in certain circumstances:

1. When law requests it, including your compliance with our legal obligations

2. When a contract is created to offer you our services

3. When we are legitimately interested in using your Personal Data while the fundamental rights do not override our interests.

Regarding the EU General Data Protection Regulation ((EU) 2016/679) (“GDPR”), we take care of your Data. If you have any questions regarding our policy or the usage of your Personal Data, please contact us via our contact details below this policy.

This policy has taken effect as of 11 May 2018. Our privacy practices are reviewed on a regular basis; because of that, the privacy policy may be changed from time to time, so please be sure to check regularly on that page to be updated with its content.

1. Personal Data collected from our website

Personal Data provided by you

Whenever you agree to receive free content, including e-Books, news and offers, we gather your Personal Data in the following ways:

• E-mail address
• First name
• Last name

Data collected automatically

Some information is automatically collected when you visit our Website – for example, the type of your browser and operating system used, and the domain name of your internet service provider. This type of information is not connected with any Personal Data at all.

Some data are eligible to be automatically connected via the use of Cookies on the Website.

2. How we use your Personal Data

When we are allowed by law, we use your Personal Data commonly to:

• manage and process your use of our website
• answer to your comments, questions and requests
• bring you services relevant to your preferences or may be of interest to you (that applies when you have agreed to receive marketing from us)

3. How we share your Personal Data

We consider your privacy a serious matter, and for that reason, we will absolutely not share your Personal Data with others.

If permitted by applicable law, we do share Personal Data as it is necessary with third parties, as they provide services and functions on our behalf, thus requiring the information. Social media advertising like Facebook and Google Adwords may be used by those parties in order to generate audience and develop targeting criteria for other audience.

Please consider that we safeguard your data privacy regarding our interactions with those third parties and the services provided in our behalf as stated above.

4. We keep your personal data secured

In order for us to protect and store your Personal Data we gather, we have enabled some security and technical measures. These measures are maintained by us as such to comply with the applicable law, including the GDPR, and prevent the accidental loss, destruction, disclosure, damage and unauthorized access in your Data.

5. Storing periods of your Personal Data

Your Personal Data is stored and used for as long as necessary, having the uses of your Personal Data as described in this privacy policy in mind. We regularly review , maintain , clear and anonymise any unnecessary Personal Data.

6. Access to and control over your personal Data

Under the protection of the applicable law regarding your Personal Data, you have legal rights over them. Feel free to communicate with us via email [[email protected]] and our postal address if you have any questions or take the following actions as listed below:

• If any, check out what Personal Data we keep regarding you,including why we are keeping it and who or what may be able to see it.
• Ask us to modify your Personal Data.
• Ask us to clear your Personal Data.
• Express objection to the processing of your Personal Data.
• Withdraw any consents given from you regarding the processing of your Personal Data.
• Share any concerns you may have regarding the third parties’ use of your Personal Data.

7. Change of Data use purpose

As previously stated, your Personal Data will only be used and collected for the purposes they are needed. However, we may reasonably consider the fact that your Data may be needed to be used for another reason, compatible with the original purpose.

Please feel free to contact us regarding any explanations about the new purpose and its compatibility to the original one.

8. Contact Us


Email for Privacy questions: [email protected]

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Your Privacy is 100% protected. I hate spam, so I never do it.

Fill in the blanks to read the Extended Epilogue

Your Privacy is 100% protected. I hate spam, so I never do it.

Fill in the blanks to read the Extended Epilogue

Your Privacy is 100% protected. I hate spam, so I never do it.

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Your Privacy is 100% protected. I hate spam, so I never do it.

Fill in the blanks to read the Extended Epilogue

Your Privacy is 100% protected. I hate spam, so I never do it.